Why Tiny Homes Are Getting More Popular in NC

Why Tiny Homes Are Getting More Popular in NC

In recent years, tiny homes (or “tiny houses”) have created quite a stir. Tiny homes were big with the minimalism movement, soon inspiring blogs, books, articles, and TV shows. For a while, it seemed like the craze was slowing down. Today, however, tiny homes in NC are becoming more popular than before.

What is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is a very small home, usually under 400 square feet. Most tiny houses are built on trailer beds with wheels so that they can be transported from place to place. They can, however, be built on a solid foundation.

In many ways, tiny houses are similar to trailers or mobile homes. But tiny houses tend to have higher quality materials, and their architects design them to look more like a “tiny” version of a traditional American house.

Image courtesy of Padraig Treanor on Unsplash.

Low Costs Gives Tiny Homes More Appeal in NC

Carolina Tiny Home in Locust, NC (near Charlotte) creates custom tiny homes for clients in the Carolinas. They also provide hands-on building training for young adults and prospective tiny home owners.

According to their website, the average cost of an 8-foot-by-24-foot tiny home — including appliances — is $45k. That’s well below the average cost of a home in North Carolina. According to Business Insider, the median home price in NC is well over $200k.

Tiny homes allow people in NC the option of purchasing a home without a huge mortgage. That option then frees up money for people to pay debts, build savings or to spend on things they love. Many people decide to buy a tiny home to have more money to travel. Plus, if you have a tiny house on wheels, you can take it with you when you move somewhere new.

Tiny homes can help you stay close to nature and enjoy all of NC’s seasons.
Image courtesy of Nachelle Nocom on Unsplash.

Financial Freedom is Only One Reason to Consider a Tiny Home

While financial freedom is arguably one of the most compelling reasons for switching to a tiny home, it’s not the only factor driving this trend. Other reasons people choose tiny homes include:

  • Environmental sustainability — one study found that living in a tiny home can decrease your carbon footprint by about 45%.
  • Simplified living — less space pretty much requires you to have fewer possessions, which can appeal to anyone overwhelmed by modern consumerist culture.
  • Less housework — less house (plus fewer things) means a lot less cleaning for you to do!
  • Nature’s closeness — tiny homes can be situated in some pretty idyllic locations outside. Plus, a tiny indoor space can encourage people to take advantage the outdoors year-round, rather than moping from one room to the next.

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