How Can You Safely Visit the Chiropractor During COVID-19?

How Can You Safely Visit the Chiropractor During COVID-19?

I’m an avid golfer, and it takes a toll on my body. Playing golf results in consistent pain to my neck and lower back. Before COVID-19, I would visit the chiropractor every other week — on average. However, it has now been more than eight months since my last treatment.

You may be asking the same question I’m asking: How do I safely visit the chiropractor during the pandemic?

First, consider some of the ways you can protect yourself when you visit the chiropractor. Second, examine the safety measures your chiropractic provider has.

Your Safety Measures When You Visit the Chiropractor

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Understanding how to safely visit the chiropractor can begin with the measures you take to protect yourself and others.

Wear a mask.

Visits to the chiropractor commonly involve close proximity with the chiropractor. Wearing a mask is an extra measure that can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Carry hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is widely available to carry in your bag or pocket. Regularly using an alcohol-based sanitizer after touching items in public can dramatically reduce exposure to the virus.

Clean your clothes and skin.

When you visit the chiropractor, it involves touching and other physical contact with the doctor. As an added safety measure, you can immediately wash your clothing after an appointment. In addition, you can take a shower.

Ask about the safety measures the office has put in place.

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You can also inquire about the safety measures your chiropractor has implemented. Here are a few questions to ask when considering how to visit the chiropractor.

Do they require appointments, or are they still taking walk-ins?

Many chiropractic offices have switched from a walk-in model to appointment-only to reduce the number of patients in the office.

Are they requiring frequent tests for employees?

You may ask the office staff if they are regularly testing their employees for infection, to reduce your own potential exposure when you visit.

Do they provide sanitizing stations for staff and patients?

We’d recommend that you to ensure chiropractic employees are sanitizing workstations and equipment between every patient.

Don’t forget, chiropractors are essential workers.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified chiropractors as essential workers during the pandemic. That label means they’ve been open all throughout COVID-19, and they’ve likely figured out their own best practices for safety.

However, you can still inquire options other than in-person visits. Certain conditions must be treated directly by a physician, such as sciatica, muscle loss or numbness. In addition, you can ask about telemedicine appointments if you’re experiencing minor pain or if you are seeking a regular check-up.

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