Boone, NC: Vacationing In a Pandemic

Boone, NC: Vacationing In a Pandemic

After months of quarantine, summertime has finally arrived and people are beginning to long for a getaway. Vacations have always served as an escape from busy schedules and stressful lives, yet the public’s need for social distancing has put our lives on hold. But, don’t worry! Boone, North Carolina has many vacation destinations that prioritize the safety and sanitation of their guests by strictly upholding the state’s social distancing measures.

Here are some family-friendly activities in the lovely city of Boone, North Carolina that will keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

1. Moses Cone Memorial Park, Boone NC

Take a walk up these historic trails to visit the former mansion of textile entrepreneur Moses Cone, est. 1901. This spacious estate contains 25 miles of trails, an apple barn, several ponds, and the Cone Family cemetery. Also, the view of the Blue Ridge mountains serves as a perfect ending to the peaceful trek past wildlife, streams, and fields of cattle.

The paths are wide due to their history as carriage trails. This easily allows hikers to maintain social distancing with a berth of 6 feet about each individual.

2. High Gravity Zip Line and Aerial Park, Boone NC

As we continue to sit on the couch during quarantine, you may want to add some adventure to your vacation! High Gravity Adventures is just the place for you! It features zip-lining tours and aerial ropes courses, suitable for children and adults!

This company has gone the extra mile in prioritizing the health and safety of each adventurer, as displayed in their Modified Operations Plan. High gravity takes a series of precautions with each visitor to comply with the local health guidelines. For example, photo kiosks have closed to reduce surface contamination. Instead, High Gravity provides links to give visitors digital access to their photos. Also, all equipment is washed and sanitized between each use.

Boone NC rope course
Here is an action photo of one of their 3 ropes courses! The course’s close proximity to Boone’s downtown area can add some convenience to your vacation!


3. Wild Craft Eatery

Wild Craft Eatery showcases the best of Boone’s downtown area while serving international comfort foods from a wide range of cuisines. They are known for their locally and regionally sourced meats and produce. Furthermore, if you have a specialized diet, Wild Craft has a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Now that Covid-19 has altered public operations, Wild Craft has closed its indoor dining area to keep its employees and customers safe. Fortunately, this restaurant allows distanced-dining on its beautiful patio, with a view over the downtown area of Boone. Wild Craft has also taken extra precaution by using to-go boxes and cups for regular dining in order to prevent surface contamination of dishes. If you choose to dine here, consider their take out or delivery services as well!

4.Hatchet Coffee

Hatchet Coffee Roasters is a community favorite for its goal to use their products to bring peace and a good experience to customers. They have altered their store functions to fit public health guidelines by expanding their online ordering and pick-up services. Furthermore, they have online shopping facilities with Hatchet Coffee merchandise, brew equipment, and regular coffee subscriptions.

Check out the Hatchet Coffee Roaster’s Instagram account for updated pictures of their shop and team!

5. Mast General Store: Boone, NC

Your trip to Boone wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Mast General Store, est. 1883! They’ve got everything: candy, t-shirts, outdoor gear, southern-crafted toys, and more. Additionally, this store provides a unique experience due to its deep-rooted history in North Carolina’s mountains.

This store has been steadfast in taking precautions for the pandemic. They require that all customers use hand sanitizer while entering and exiting the store. In the candy section, gloves are given to all of the shoppers to prevent contamination. Not to mention, social distancing is enforced through the monitoring of the number of shoppers to ensure that they do not surpass the store’s spacial capacity.

You can learn more about North Carolina safe-cations with us, as we document them for you to visit for summer 2020!

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