Hallmark’s “USS Christmas” Draws From North Carolina Scenery

Hallmark’s “USS Christmas” Draws From North Carolina Scenery

What seasonal, comforting, made-in North Carolina fare is on the calendar this week? Hint: it’s not a North Carolina craft beer, turkey or even homegrown sweet potatoes. It’s a movie — specifically, USS Christmas, which was filmed here in North Carolina.

This movie is one of Hallmark’s 40 brand-new made-for-TV holiday offerings. Filmed in our state during the fall, USS Christmas takes place aboard an aircraft carrier – the USS York in real life.

USS Christmas movie North Carolina
Image courtesy of Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay.

A Holiday Tradition 

And in case you’ve somehow missed the regular holiday buzz — we’re talking about Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas.” And this grown-up fairy tale world is indeed a phenomenon. Its movie’s plots are exactly as expected: scenes full of twinkling lights, soft fluffy snow, predictably happy endings and a veritable explosion of Christmas décor.

The format has proven remarkably popular with both Millennials and 60-somethings. For more than 10 years now, this two-month marathon of holiday romance flicks has delivered 24/7 ratings for Hallmark. Even Oprah has featured the Hallmark Christmas movie list this year.

USS Christmas Brings Business to North Carolina

And there is no sign that the “Countdown to Christmas” is slowing. In fact, Hallmark’s success has other cable and streaming services racing to put out their own sparkling-but-forgettable offerings. And that trend has been very good business for North Carolina.

Our state continues to be a go-to destination for TV shows and movies, as well as big-screen feature films. In 2020 alone, filmmaking meant thousands of job opportunities and an estimated $107 million boost to the North Carolina economy. That’s a welcome feat in a year when so many people and businesses are struggling due to COVID-19. 

USS Christmas Is Coming 

So maybe these films aren’t going to make anyone’s Best of Christmas Movie List, but in this strange and difficult year, you may just find something comforting about their familiar and lighthearted fare.

Grab your coziest blanket, popcorn and someone to snuggle. The USS Christmas is coming. Preview it here, and if it suits your tastes, tune in at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 28 for the full film.

USS Christmas North Carolina image
Image courtesy of Jill Wellington from Pixabay.

And be sure to keep an eye out for North Carolina actors — any extra might just be your neighbor! Back in September, there were casting calls in Wilmington. If you missed it but still want a shot at the big time, there’s always next year.

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