6 Experiments in Self-Love During “New Normal”

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6  Experiments in Self-Love During “New Normal”

As we continue to move forward in a masquerade of normalcy, it is essential to give yourself some self-love.

As you read that line, how did you define ‘love’? Does this mean an extra glass of cab? One more fun-size candy bar? Or perhaps, one more Netflix marathon?

What if self-love was redefined into something nourishing for your mind, body or soul? Quenched by meeting a friend for a walk? Satisfied through a steaming mug of tea? Or merely a deep breath? What if…

As you ponder those thoughts, wondering about what acts of self-compassion may help you feel like a better version of you during this pandemic, I would like to offer six more ideas – experiments, if you will. Experiments as they are not mandatory rules for your life by any means, yet if you were to try one out on a trial-basis, as an experiment in well-being, you would have the opportunity to test how a change in habit may impact your mind, body or soul.

24 Hours of Self-Love

7 a.m. Practice mindfulness and meditation.

There is an old zen proverb which states, “If you don't have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours.” The same goes for your hobby or act of self-improvement you enjoy. Though even starting with five-minutes will be gratifying. There are many great apps and podcasts to help guide you through exercises in breathing or meditation – some are only one-minute long, so no excuses. Get breathing.

8 a.m. Nourish your body.

Nourishing your body through wholesome food and drink choices is incredibly healing.

A healthy bowl of berries, fresh clean calendar and to-do list. 2017, here we come.
One way to care for yourself through an act of self-love? Eat well. [Photographer: Brooke Lark | Source: Unsplash]

Drink more water and herbal tea. Eat the rainbow. Add nuts or seeds such as walnuts, almonds, flax, hemp or chia, to your daily routine. Take control of your added sugar intake by reading the Nutrition Facts and comparing labels. [Did you know men are advised to consume less than 36 grams or 9 teaspoons of added sugar each day? For women, the recommendation is 25 grams or 6 teaspoons!]

10 a.m. Stand up.

If your day consists of moving from bed to couch, consider setting a reminder to stand up every 30 minutes. This alone will help to kick your blood metabolism back into gear, helping to metabolize the circulating sugar and fat. If you really want to earn gold stars, use a standing desk. Don’t have one? Create your own using one of your 342 Amazon Prime boxes you have folded up in the garage by placing it on your counter, bookshelf or desk to make it the right height for you. For more legit DIY versions, maybe one of these will inspire you to “get up offa that thing”.

12 p.m. Stay connected.

Whether it is meeting a trusted friend for a walk or scheduling weekly check-ins via phone, staying in touch with loved ones is more important than ever. Social connection is a core psychological need, something we all crave and desire and linked with a longer, more purposeful life. Curious about your own “social capital”? Take the quiz.

4 p.m. Lose yourself.

What is it that you enjoy doing in which you lose all sense of time? Gardening, knitting, reading, writing, fishing or creating, are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways you can get lost in flow. Making the time for activities you find fulfilling is an investment in your wellness journey as it helps manage stress and empty your mind. So, since your summer plans may be a bit lighter than usual, pencil in time to get creative.

10 p.m. Go to bed.

Seriously. The act of going to bed at a reasonable time [and a consistent time] will have a ripple effect on your well-being. Choosing to skip your next episode of Tiger King or to put your phone in another room to save your self-worth from the comparison game, will gift you great returns in both peace of mind and energy come morning. Trouble falling asleep? Click here.

On a very cold, gloomy weekend, after receiving some distressing news… this face.
Creating a solid, screen-free sleep routine is self-love in it’s highest form. Sleep has a ripple effect on all other areas of life. [Photographer: Kate Stone Matheson | Source: Unsplash]

Self-Love in Action

Six experiments in self-love. Which one resonates with you? Which one will you start testing out today?