Raleigh Tech Company Launches COVID-19 Screening Service

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Raleigh Tech Company Launches COVID-19 Screening Service

TourTech, a technical solutions company headquartered in Raleigh, will co-launch COVID-19 screening sites to give touch-free testing to companies who need it. Its technical equipment and secure network will enable healthcare workers to store the testing results. But how will this service work?

Raleigh-Based Tech for COVID-19 Screening

WRAL TechWire reports that TourTech will service COVID-19 tests through pop-up networks. Employees from healthcare provider Healthscreen Solutions will use the networks to administer tests and store results. These pop-up networks are a TourTech staple: the company offers them for concerts, outdoor events and restaurants needing touchless menus for COVID-19 concerns.

You may have seen a similar network before. A business will ask you to connect with its personalized Wi-Fi through your phone. The business’s personal message will then appear on your phone for your response. At a restaurant, you can receive the menu and select your order without passing a single menu back and forth with a server. Touch-free dining is the end result.

Here, TourTech has tweaked the process to suit healthcare providers: those HealthScreen employees will use the pop-up network to administer tests to the customer’s employees (on TourTech laptops). Their test results enter a secure cloud that TourTech proactively secures. All these IT strategies join Mountain Production Emergency Services, which sets up emergency-relief structures. Those rapid buildings, full of effective COVID-19 screening tech, can serve any company from its own parking lot.

“In order for [workers] to be cleared to get back in the buildings, [companies] have to be able to certify that everyone is fever-free,” said TourTech founder and CEO Allen Cook. “The employees had all been sent home and received rounds of testing. They scheduled times to come to submit their forms demonstrating that they were clear. The information was then entered by technicians into a medical database to be tracked.”

The set-up of TourTech’s services can be done in just a few days. They work on a secure network that is completely independent of each facility and bring upwards of 30 laptops to quickly process and log test results.

What Does This Tech Mean as Raleigh Reopens?

For one thing, TourTech will now support North Carolina’s expanded scope of COVID-19 testing. But the Raleigh tech company can also support pressing concerns for reopening: legal liability, if a returning employee gets COVID-19. Essential businesses had already received partial protection against those claims, but that was back on May 4. A month later, non-essential businesses are also jockeying to reopen. They, along with their employees, will want security against spreading the virus.

“I imagine this is something we might start to see more of when we’re talking about meat processing plants and large factories where there are groups of people working very closely together,” Cook said. “A lot of what’s out there right now is all honor system. This [technology] is a way to create a record and be able to look that information back up.”

TourTech might be able to provide it with its screening tech service. If they turn the service into a financial and public health success, other competitors may well follow suit. In the meantime, you might spot its testing sites in your company’s parking lot if you return to work in the next month or so.

If your business is in need of TourTech’s services, the best way to get in touch with them is to call and speak with a member of their team.