Will North Carolina Receive More Stimulus Checks?

Will North Carolina Receive More Stimulus Checks?

Now in the sixth month of COVID-19, we have seen some upticks in our economic outlook. Just last week we entered Phase 3. But what about people in our state still left low on cash? We might (possibly) look to new economic relief through stimulus checks for North Carolina.

Remember: We’ve Already Received Stimulus Checks

Back in the spring, federal lawmakers and the president had the first stimulus checks atop their list. Eligible people in North Carolina received approximately $1,200 back in Spring 2020, along with $335 to families in September.

But national plans for a second round of COVID-19 relief have gotten bogged down in the expected partisan politicking.

CNET explained that the second stimulus checks, reportedly adjusted for continued economic losses, could’ve included more money than the first checks. But Republicans and Democrats in Congress couldn’t agree on which relief to sign into effect, nor about where that relief should go. And on Oct. 6, President Trump called for an end to talks with Democrats until after the election.

But later that same day, the president expressed support for a different standalone relief bill. It would apparently forego both the previous options presented in Congress, outlining only more $1,200 stimulus checks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted the president’s plan on Wednesday, though she explained her interest in a relief package for airlines. President Trump, in turn, hasn’t yet announced new negotiations for a larger relief bill.

In short? Federal negotiations of large-scale stimulus checks have stopped and started a few times. Given our contentious election season, we may not see the federal action we’d seen in the spring. Meanwhile, state-specific options for relief do exist for applicants.

North Carolina Offers Relief Other than Stimulus Checks

At the NC Dept. of Justice, Attorney General Josh Stein has outlined several relief options for North Carolina residents. It just depends on who you are and which relief you need.

If you’ve lost your healthcare or can’t afford it anymore, consider the options that NC Dept. of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) offers. That means Medicare, Medicaid and the COBRA program (keeping the insurance plan your employer had offered you), among others. The state also has funding if you fear eviction or unpaid utility bills: Gov. Cooper signed an executive order halting foreclosure and eviction hearings, along with a second order that prevented utility companies from disconnecting residents’ water and gas.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels.

Also, if you’re a parent or know a parent in need of childcare, NCDHHS maintains a hotline that connects essential workers to available childcare options. Basically, representatives connect childcare to the callers, since callers won’t have their usual childcare options. And this past Tuesday, Gov. Roy Cooper announced $35 million will go directly to reopened childcare programs.

Not to mention that NC offers stimulus checks to small businesses, specifically to alleviate their mortgage, rent and utility costs. As you can see, our state has a few options for COVID-19 relief. They just may not be as wide-reaching as a blanket stimulus check to everyone living here.

To sum it up:

Keep an eye on Washington, to see if the proposed $1,200 can again come to fruition. But also make sure to watch Raleigh: Gov. Cooper holds weekly press conferences, when he usually announces new relief or funding meant to help out state residents.

Make sure you catch our coverage of Phase 3 and other incoming relief (like the recent opioid addiction prevention funds)!