North Carolina Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

North Carolina Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Many continue to work from home, and some desperately need a break from the news. Even your Spotify playlists may be getting dull at this point. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing North Carolina podcasts you should be listening to. We’ve put together a short list of our favorites for you.

Human Interest and Personal Stories

  1. Everything Happens for a Reason

Kate Bowler draws on her own experiences as a cancer survivor. Episodes feature witty, sometimes funny conversation and insight about everyday people have learned in dark times.

2. Stories with a Heartbeat

Image courtesy of Stories with a Heartbeat.

The host, Will McInerney, offers brief episodes that combine stories, music, and interviews to explore conflict. Perfect for a quick and mindful discussion of the dilemmas we sometimes face.

3. Embodied

Image courtesy of Embodied.

Anita Rao takes a look at how we love in this podcast. Episodes look at the sometimes taboo side of sex and intimacy with insight and grace.

4. Tested

Image courtesy of Tested.

Tested is another podcast focused on the daily challenges that North Carolinians face, from COVID-19 to mental health and voter suppression. Hosts Dave DeWitt and Leoneda Inge take a no-nonsense approach, so this one is ideal for those who like their information direct and honest.

North Carolina Interests and Lifestyle

5. The State of Things

Image courtesy of The State of Things.

This podcast is focused on the daily lives and major issues in North Carolina. Host Frank Stasio uses interviews, anecdotes, and calls from listeners to talk about the things affecting Tar Heel nation. Frank Stasio and The State of Things will both be retiring shortly. Catch it while you can!

6. Ft. Bragg Stories

Image courtesy of Ft. Bragg Stories.

Ft. Bragg is the biggest military base in the country, and it’s a huge part of North Carolina culture. This podcast celebrates the personal stories of those in and around Ft. Bragg.

7. Triangle Talk Show

Image courtesy of Triangle Talk Show.

Triangle Talk Show is one of the best north carolina podcasts for current events. The hosts discuss the most timely and important news from the triangle area in conversation with guests.

8. North Carolina Food and Beverage Podcast

Image courtesy of North Carolina F&B.

For those looking for a new restaurant or bar to check out, North Carolina F&B is an awesome podcast. Over the past five years, the hosts have been highlighting the best in North Carolina’s food and beverage scene.

Politics and Public Interest


Image courtesy of JUST.

JUST is a podcast focused on highlighting issues around social justice. This is a fantastic podcast to learn more about those in the fight to make North Carolina, and the country, a more just place.

10. The Politics Podcast

Image courtesy of The Politics Podcast.

For all things political, The Politics Podcast is an excellent option. Hosts offer discussions about the what they’re hearing on the inside. Episodes appear multiple times per week, so this is a go-to for timely political interests.

11. Domecast

Image courtesy of Domecast.

Domecast previews and discusses the things coming up in North Carolina state government. One of the best North Carolina podcasts for up-to-date information about new bills and ongoing debates in the state.

True Crime

12. Criminal

Image courtesy of Criminal.

This podcast isn’t always about North Carolina, but it’s based in Durham. Great for crime enthusiasts, or those who just love a good mystery. With two episodes most months, there’s plenty to keep you hooked here.

13. Pretend

Image courtesy of Pretend.

This is an intriguing true crime podcast focused on people who pretend to be someone or something they’re not. The hosts post frequently, and every story is gripping. Pretend is nationally recognized as one of the best true crime podcasts out there.

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