Find the North Carolina Medicine Buybacks Near You

Find the North Carolina Medicine Buybacks Near You

Unlike many household objects, most medicines shouldn’t sit in the trash. You often hear from your doctors that certain pills need more careful disposal. That’s why North Carolina offers regular medicine buybacks near you.

How does a medicine buyback work?

According to the the FDA, medicine buybacks offer you one (paid) way to safely dispose of unused or expired drugs. You can’t exactly flush these pills down the toilet (their chemicals may reach the water supply). However, given that some of them might be addictive pain relievers, you may also distrust leaving them in your medicine cabinet.

So the NC State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) recommends “prescription drug take-back events across the state.” The group helps NC residents bring medicines to “Operation Medicine Drop.” This series of events, where you show up to drop off medicines in tandem with local charities and law enforcement, takes place each fall and spring in North Carolina. And our residents apparently take advantage of this opportunity. According to a statement from the North Carolina Medical Society, “North Carolinians have safely disposed of approximately 80,600 pounds of pills at Operation Medicine Drop events from 2013 to 2018.”

Who hosts medicine buybacks in North Carolina?

Image courtesy of Safe Kids Worldwide.

The SBI, for one. But they also partner with the NC chapter of Safe Kids Worldwide, which emphasizes the need to keep children safe from injuries. That includes poisoning, which can happen if a child ingests a medicine they shouldn’t. Hence their help in safely disposing of prescription drugs in our state.

The coalition boasts locations in just about every NC county, from Alamance to Wilson. And so, you can find the medicine buybacks near you, thanks to Operation Medicine Drop’s interactive app. Its map drops pins in every physical location, but we can walk you through a few examples locations.

If you live in Charlotte:

You might want to visit the Walgreens on South Tryon Street, where one buyback is currently hosted. Or, going farther south, drop into the Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center off East Boulevard.

If you live in the Triad:

Well, it depends on your area. For downtown Greensboro, you can try the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital on Wendover Drive. But if you live closer to Winston-Salem, you can drop by the Downtown Health Plaza Pharmacy. And if you live somewhere between the two metro areas, visit the Kernersville Police Department at any time of day.

If you live in the Triangle:

Again, the medicine buybacks near you depend on where you live. The CVS on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh can welcome you, and so can the NC State Student Health Services building. And farther east, the Durham County Dept. of Public Health (and the Central Pharmacy on N. Duke Street) can serve you if you live in Durham.

Wherever you live, there’s likely an Operation Medicine Drop buyback near you. If we haven’t listed one in your area, check the map for yourself and find one closer.

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