20 Unique North Carolina Homes Available On Airbnb

20 Unique North Carolina Homes Available On Airbnb

North Carolina is undoubtedly one of the most geographically diverse states in the United States. We can see this with the vast Appalachian Mountain range in the west, the rural farms and populous cities in the piedmont and the many beaches of the coastal plains. As a result of these tremendously diverse regions, there are some cool and unique North Carolina Airbnbs that you can find with a little bit of research. This collection ranges between treehouses, buses, trains and all sorts of unique homes. If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, take a peek at these and you won’t be disappointed!

1. The Owl’s Nest—Tiny House on the Pond Bank of the Village

$120/Night – Superhost – 4.98 Stars

This tiny house in Flat Rock is a gem situated on 26 acres nearby the Appalachian Mountain range. This house is special not only because of its size, but also its expertly-designed interior. The Owl’s Nest is perfect for someone looking to escape while getting their money’s worth.

2. Queen Bee Boutique RV, Romantic Streamside Retreat Airstream

Candler, NC – $131/Night – Superhost – 4.95 Stars

This RV is an amazing find in the forests of Asheville, definitive proof that a book should never be judged by its cover. Staying in a house can get boring sometimes, so if you’re traveling through the mountains of Asheville, give this stylish RV a chance (see also some breathtaking RV campsites).

3. Fresh and Modern Asheville Shipping Container Home

Asheville, NC – $110/Night – Superhost – 4.99 Stars

If you’re looking for a unique experience while staying close to downtown Asheville, this converted shipping crate might be a perfect choice. With an upscale and brand-new interior, this is a perfect stay for someone looking to venture outside the lines of conventional vacationing.

4. Romantic Bus In The Forest

Weaverville, NC – $68/Night – Superhost – 4.92 Stars

Located in the mountains of Western Asheville, this magic school bus will surely make any trip worth your while. Though bus conversions are already rare, this example adds to the experience by having a perfect view.

5. The Starling: A Small A-Frame in the Blue Ridge

Swannanoa, NC – $85/Night – Superhost – 4.99 Stars

There’s a lot of diverse opinions about A-frames. This house, however, deserves nothing but appreciation for its cabin-style interior with an excellent view of the eastern Asheville mountains. No matter the season, this amazing A-frame will ensure you have a serene mountainside retreat.

6. New Tiny House near Downtown and Blue Ridge!

Asheville, NC – $90/Night – Superhost – 4.99 Stars

This house, though it appears to be a tiny tool shed, is an excellent way to venture around downtown Asheville without breaking the bank. Because of its prime location in mountainous North Carolina and new interior, this Airbnb has just about everything you’d ask for.

7. Smoky Mountain Tiny House

Whittier, NC – $90/Night – Superhost – 4.88 Stars

The farther west you venture, the more log cabins you find. Among the many copies, you’ll find this unique tiny house that’s situated right in between Cherokee and Whittier. If you’re looking for affordability and extremely scenic views from your Airbnb, this spot is for you.

8. Tiny House Gypsy Zen Retreat in Heart of CLT

Charlotte, NC – $225/Night – Superhost – 4.82 Stars

Centered in the Queen City, this tiny-house Airbnb is an excellent find for someone who’s looking to stay close to all North Carolina’s action without draining their pockets. With its serene interior, this house sits in the middle of everything.

9. Sanctuary, Treehouses of Serenity

Asheville, NC – $289/Night – Superhost – 4.98 Stars

As one of the coolest-looking houses on our list, this Asheville treehouse is exactly what you might dream of. Amazing views, expert craftsman log-cabin interior, amazing reviews – what else does a perfect North Carolina Airbnb need?

10. Luxury Stone and Timber Tree House on 20-Acre Farm

Concord, NC – $153/Night – Superhost – 4.95 Stars

One of the prettiest houses on the list, this Concord treehouse is truly a gem for those wanting to stay in the woodland style of Asheville and the proximity to Charlotte. This house includes a pool, a hot tub, a garden, a gorgeous sitting area outside, and an expertly designed interior.

11. Seaboard Coast Line #0887

Clyde, NC – $189/Night – Superhost – 4.88 Stars

This converted train car might be the perfect site for a family looking at North Carolina Airbnbs while traveling through the mountains of western Asheville. This fascinating spot sits on a whopping 65-acre buffalo ranch.

12. Carriker Cottage at Old Haigler Inn Mint Hill

Charlotte, NC – $400/Night – Superhost – 5.0 Stars

Taking a vacation with a lot of guests or hosting an event? This Charlotte house is a perfect selection, with a gorgeous outside sitting area and a perfectly designed interior.

13. The Holler House-Award Winning- Murphy/Blue Ridge

Murphy, NC – $127/Night – Superhost – 5.0 Stars

As far west as you can go in the North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, this house is perfect for a quick getaway, like all Airbnbs. But you can even host intimate events like weddings. An excellent site for hiking, rafting, exploring – if you want your mountain experience to be special, this is the house for you.

14. Paradise Pagoda in the Pines

Weaverville, NC – $50/ Night – Superhost – 4.78 Stars

It’s not too often that you see a pagoda-style house in the woods. Much less as an Airbnbs in the mountains of western North Carolina. Well, this exquisite house is a perfect site for anyone wanting the adventurous outdoor-style vacation while also enjoying a perfect location for various Asheville activities.

15. Embrace Tiny Living in a Magical, Bespoke Little Home

Charlotte, NC – $92/Night – Superhost – 4.87 Stars

This neat tiny house is parked in one of America’s fastest-growing cities, with endless activities and adventures possible. Because of its respectable price and well-designed interior, this house checks every box on the list for an ideal and special vacation.

16. Little Tree

Andrews, NC – $74/Night – Superhost – 4.83 Stars

Finding a house that fits your needs can be challenging, especially in the rugged Appalachian mountains. However, this small tree-house is a perfect way for a couple to escape from reality and into endless outdoor activities.

17. Charming Tiny House at Wildwoods Community Farm

Chapel Hill, NC – $88/Night – Superhost – 4.96 Stars

Chapel Hill is one of the most lively areas in North Carolina, with an extremely active downtown and a seemingly endless list of fun places (and Airbnbs) to visit. This rustic tiny house is in the perfect spot of The Triangle and will ensure an excellent visit.

18. Hobbit Knoll – Treehouses of Serenity

Asheville, NC – $278/Night – Superhost – 5.0 Stars

As one of the more unique houses in the Airbnbs collection, this Hobbit house is nestled in the mountainous woodland range of Asheville, North Carolina. If you’re looking for a diverse spot for vacation while hoping for the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, this is the spot for you.

19. Amazing Tiny House: Long-Term Rental Only

Candler, NC – $50/Night – Superhost – 4.93 Stars

One of the best-rated Airbnbs in North Carolina, this tiny house is the perfect spot for anyone looking to get a feel for Asheville and its activities. An excellent pick for a retirement adventure or a summer spot, this log-cabin-style tiny house is an excellent pick that will not disappoint.

20. The Roost- A tiny home in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Swannanoa, NC – $66/Night – Superhost – 4.98 Stars

Last but not least, this secluded tiny house is a surprise to many at first sight. From the outside, one might be skeptical, but take a look inside and be wowed. This tiny house is a gorgeous mountain spot that will revise your expectations for unique vacationing.

After you’ve looked through all these styles, you might think it’s impossible to choose the best one. They all have their unique differences, and of course, that’s what makes them so special.

At the end of the day, if you want to be overlooking a gorgeous sunset, navigating the dense Charlotte or kicking back in a jacuzzi with a glass of wine, these houses will have you covered and make sure you get the temporary escape so many of us need. With wonderful hosts and endless positive reviews, if you’re looking to have a safecation, these North Carolina Airbnbs should be your first pick!