These Local NC CBD Companies Will Ship Directly to You

These Local NC CBD Companies Will Ship Directly to You

Are you looking for a way you can buy CBD products online for delivery to your door? And do you want to support local NC CBD companies at the same time?

The Tar Heel State has a number of homegrown CBD companies. Many of them sell products made from hemp grown right here in the state. Here are a few hemp and CBD suppliers in North Carolina that will ship directly to you.

Merry Hill Hemp — Hillsborough

Image courtesy of Merry Hill Hemp Co.

Why not go directly to the source? Merry Hill Hemp Farm is one CBD company in NC that’s also a farm. During the harvest season, you’re more than welcome to come and pick your own hemp. However, they also offer very inexpensive prices on hemp flowers year-round.

Carolina Hemp Company — Asheville

Carolina Hemp Co. is one of many CBD companies in NC.
Image courtesy of Carolina Hemp Co.

Carolina Hemp Company in Asheville provides a wide range of premium products, from smokeable hemp grown nearby in western North Carolina to hemp-based foods.

With its gorgeous packaging, this NC CBD company is an excellent option for gift shopping (especially as the holidays bear down on us).

Queen Hemp Company — Charlotte

Image courtesy of Queen Hemp Co.

This woman-owned grower and dispensary shop is one of the few in North Carolina that features all indoor crops. The result is top-shelf smokeable hemp and CBD products.

The women at Queen Hemp Company not only grow their own product, but they also do all their extraction and processing on-site in downtown Charlotte.

The Hemp Farmacy — Wilmington

Image courtesy of the Hemp Farmacy.

The Hemp Farmacy is one of the biggest CBD companies in NC. Originally based in Wilmington, it now has two locations in the Port City, as well as locations in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Jacksonville, and even one in Alpharetta, GA.

Their website offers an enormous variety of CBD products, as well as hemp flowers grown in nearby Wallace.

Heal Tree CBD — Durham

Healtree CBD is one of several CBD companies from NC based in Durham.
Image courtesy of Heal Tree CBD.

Located in downtown Durham, Heal Tree CBD has one of the most diverse selections of CBD products in the state.

The company offers lots of practical resources on its website for people new to CBD. It’s also one of the only local CBD suppliers who offers a full testing report of their hemp flower right on their website.

The Hemptender — Durham

The Hemptender is one of several black-owned CBD companies in NC.
Image courtesy of The Hemptender.

Also located in Durham, The Hemptender is one of several black-owned CBD companies in NC. On its website, the company offers two of its own in-house product lines.

In addition to hemp flower and extracts, this Bull City company has a wide selection of edible products available for delivery. They even offer some Delta-8 THC and CBN items for sale.

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