Moonshine Valley F-100 Show & Swap Meet: A Step Back in Time

Moonshine Valley F-100 Show & Swap Meet: A Step Back in Time

As the sun began to peek out above the mountains on Friday, July 17, the streets of Maggie Valley were filled with old school Ford F100s. The Moonshine Valley F-100 car show and swapmeet was sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts and National Parts Depot.

Moonshine Valley F-100

Moonshine Valley F-100 still drew a crowd.

With strict regulations coming down for the entire state of North Carolina, everyone was thankful that the show was allowed to go on. The Maggie Valley Swap Meet alongside the Moonshine Valley F-100 Show were both held at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.

NCND spoke with Larry Crain of Surfboard Promotion who said, “We saw near normal spectator attendance during the two days that the events were held. The vendor count for the swap meet saw an increase in new people setting up for the event and an increase in vendor numbers with over 135 registered.”

Unfortunately, this year’s F100 truck show had a lower registered number of vehicles, probably due to COVID-19.

Even with the rain showers that popped up, tons of people toughed it out and enjoyed the awesome rides at the show, including new attendees. On Saturday, even more spectators attended the show and swap meet to support their love for the custom automotive scene.

Top 50 Awards

Award-winning truck at Moonshine Valley
The Ford F1 owned by Aaron Boggs.

As the closing of the show drew near, it was time for awards. Aaron Boggs of Ohio took home a Top 50 Award for his red Ford F1 truck. The truck was on display at the Jax Wax product display trailer. Sherry and Chris Hudson and Sonny Talley and Ian McKee also took home awards.

The 2021 Moonshine Valley F-100 Show is already scheduled for July 16th and 17th at the Maggie Valley Fairgrounds! Be sure to mark your calendars for another great show and step back in time!

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