LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive

LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive

Social media has opened many digital doors for businesses today. LinkedIn is a resource for businesses to connect and engage. It lets users and stay up-to-date with professional articles, information and job candidacies. But how does a small business grow using LinkedIn? We’ve compiled a list of LinkedIn marketing tips for small businesses to get the most out of the platform.

Make connections with other small businesses.

LinkedIn’s mission is to connect. Therefore, it connects businesses, individuals, potential employees and partners. The platform offers all of this and more, for free. In the world of business, networks can help your organization grow and thrive. Firstly, be sure that the profile stands for who you are as an individual or an organization. Employees can link organizations to their page, improving their own visibility. Small businesses can greatly benefit from having a LinkedIn presence by finding potential candidates for positions and networking with other businesses in the area.

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Boost your visibility by engaging with content.

You can widen your presence on LinkedIn by actively engaging with content. Reacting to, commenting on and sharing posts are all ways to engage. You’ll be able to follow your connections on the homepage. Additionally, LinkedIn makes it simple to comment, by suggesting pre-written comments for your reply. The more you engage, the more your presence on the platform expands. Aside from your engagement with others, you can also use LinkedIn to create your own content. Use the platform to post job opportunities, company information and personnel features.

Marketing on LinkedIn includes professional development and job postings.

LinkedIn does marketing a little differently than other social platforms, as the app is primarily for connection, engagement and job searching. For example, the promotional materials on LinkedIn include professional development events and position openings. Consequently, knowing differences in marketing strategies for each platform is key to successfully marketing.

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On top of these features, LinkedIn also has research and business news. On the homepage’s top right corner is a feed that highlights news in the business world. The articles can make you aware of current hiring trends, business tips and world news. On the homepage of LinkedIn, users share, discuss and react to business and trade articles. Small businesses should take advantage of these research articles and business news because these resources are not only beneficial, they are also free.


LinkedIn offers a plethora of resources to help you and your organization succeed. After all, it’s a business-facing network. LinkedIn offers tutorials on topics including setup, marketing, analytics, and client retention. The platform offers technical help, both as text and videos. Be sure to use the resources offered, because they’re meant to help both you and your organization.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a connection resource for businesses, but it goes much further than connecting. Using these marketing tips will help your small business stand out on the LinkedIn platform. Which tools, insights and strategies will you learn to optimize for your business?

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