Awesome Girl Makes Hundreds of “Kindness Packs” for Homeless People

Awesome Girl Makes Hundreds of “Kindness Packs” for Homeless People

Addyson Hamer loves to help people. After helping her dad take food to families living in McDougald Terrace in Durham, she thought of a way that she could help people every week.

Kindness Packs: The Origin Story

Not one to wait around, Addyson sprang into action immediately. She took leftover food items from her dad’s deliveries and created “kindness packs” for people without homes in Durham. Each pack includes a breakfast bar, rice krispies, goldfish, peanut butter crackers, apple sauce, beanie weenies, and cold water.

Addyson made seven kindness packs in her first run and took them to Urban Ministries in Durham. After learning how quickly the nonprofit ran out of bags, she told her father that they needed to make more.

Addyson Hamer is providing kindness packs to homeless people in Durham.
Addyson is working to help make life a little better for Durham’s homeless population.
Photo courtesy of Warren LeMay/Wikimedia Commons

So they did.

The following week, she made 12 bags. Then she made 30. After that, 40 and then, all the way up to 50. The line kept getting longer and Addyson wanted to make sure she fulfilled her mission.

After 11 weeks, Addyson Hamer has made 432 bags, and she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon.

All in the Family

Addyson hasn’t had to look too far for inspiration. Her father, Terry Hamer (a school counselor) spends much of his extra time distributing food to his community. It’s a work ethic that has obviously rubbed off on his children.

Addyson’s father Terry Hamer filmed his daughter handing out her kindness packs.

In an interview with WRAL, he explained where at least some of that ethic comes from.

“I grew up in an area that wasn’t plentiful,” said Hamer. “There were other people who had, but we didn’t have as much as others. I wanted to be able to give back whenever I could.”

How You Can Help Addyson

After WRAL ran their story, people in North Carolina were eager to help. As a result, Addyson’s father set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for more kindness packs. You can donate directly at their page.

In addition, Addyson and her family will be at Urban Ministries of Durham on Sunday, Sept. 20, to accept donations in person.

Photo courtesy of Ev on Unsplash

School and handing out food and kindness to homeless people in Durham isn’t the only activity taking up Addyson’s time. She is also working hard towards her dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast, spending 20 hours a week practicing.

Just don’t expect it to get in the way of her mission of making life better for homeless people in Durham. “It feels great to help other people who are less fortunate than me,” she told WRAL.

A special acknowledgment goes out to WRAL for first reporting on this story. For more heartwarming stories like this one, stay tuned to our Good News section.