Is Thrift-Shopping Safe During the Pandemic?

Is Thrift-Shopping Safe During the Pandemic?

What’s your reason for thrift shopping? Do you like to save a buck? Maybe you want to find a great bargain on a luxury brand? There are many reasons to shop at thrift stores. But you might find yourself wondering, Is thrift shopping safe during the pandemic?

The good news is that there are ways to keep thrift shopping safe. Below, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind while visiting your local thrift store — along with a few North Carolina resources to help you shop local.

Call Ahead Before Thrift Shopping

You can call ahead or check the store’s website to find information about their safety measures. For example, some stores hold donated items for a few days before putting them on the sales floor. This intentional quarantine period reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 if it might’ve come in along with the donated items.

What’s more, checking with the store ahead of time can establish how comfortable you feel about visiting the store right now. You likely won’t dispel your doubts without checking their precautions for yourself.

Practice Personal Protection

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You can’t avoid all risks when you leave the house, but you can do a few things to reduce your chance of contracting or spreading the virus.

  • Wear a face covering. Covering your mouth and nose in public is especially important when you’re in an enclosed space like a thrift store.
  • Practice social distancing. Most stores will have markers on the floor of the checkout line to demonstrate the minimum social distance you should maintain. But you’ll also want to stay at least six feet away from other people everywhere else in the store.
  • Sanitize your hands often. You might consider carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer or washing your hands after your thrift visit.

Also, to know the overall COVID-19 risks in our state, you can follow up-to-date COVID-19 information directly from North Carolina’s state government.

Shop Without Touching Items

Your habit while thrift shopping may be to thumb through the clothing on the rack or pick up items to get a closer look. But nowadays, consider shopping with your eyes rather than your hands.

Clean Your Purchases

Of course, you don’t have to avoid touching anything and everything. You might only touch the items you’re most serious about taking home. But in general, you’ll want to minimize contact with any item until you’ve had the chance to sanitize it.

Sanitizing your thrift store purchases has always been important. Even before the pandemic, it was a good idea to deep-clean your products after purchasing them. But now, cleaning your purchases should take priority. You can clean clothing in the washing machine, and you can wash or sanitize items with Lysol wipes before using them.

Try Online Thrift Shopping

The absolute safest way to thrift right now is to shop online. Plenty of NC thrift stores let you make purchases online, and others give you a chance to view their products online before coming into the store.

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Here are a few NC options that might work for you:

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