Highly Caffeinated: 4 Coffee Shops You Must Visit in Winston-Salem

Highly Caffeinated: 4 Coffee Shops You Must Visit in Winston-Salem

During my four years at Wake Forest University, I quickly fell head-over-heels in love with Winston-Salem. From its top-notch restaurants to breweries galore, there is no better way to spend a beautiful day than wandering around the Twin City. However, the collection of cozy, quaint and oh-so satisfying coffee shops became my very favorite thing about Winston-Salem.

Whether for the coffee selection, the pastries or the ambience, I am positive that you will love these spots. Each of these spots are still serving customers during COVID-19, but most of them are only offering takeout and outdoor dining options.

1. Camino Bakery: The Staple Spot

If you’ve ever visited Winston-Salem, I would bet money that you’ve wandered into at least one of Camino’s locations. Its largest and most well-known spot is right downtown, on the corner of W. Fourth Street. The coffee selection is absolutely wonderful, and they shift around their menu seasonally. Right now, all the autumnal options are out, and they are dreamy. In particular, the apple cap and the autumn spice miel will satisfy all your aesthetic, fall-drink vibes. Camino is also well-known for its breads. If you want my advice, get yourself a coffee, some sourdough bread and whatever cheese they’re offering that day. Then, head outside to one of the patio tables and set yourself up to watch whoever passes by.

2. Krankies: The Brunch Spot

Located on E. Third St. in the Innovation Quarter, Krankies is the go-to brunch spot in Winston-Salem. While they’re only offering pick-up right now, on a typical weekend Krankies is overflowing with patrons both inside and out. When it comes to ordering, you have to go all out. First, you have to get something in the biscuit family — the chicken biscuit is the crowd favorite. Second, there are so many different coffee options to choose from, but my personal favorite is the chai latte – iced or hot. After getting your to-go order, head on over to the park in front of Wake Forest University’s downtown location. Bring a blanket and take a seat on the grass!

3. Coffee Park Airstream: The To-Go Spot

During my time in Winston-Salem, it took me a couple of years to figure out what this coffee shop was exactly. Located at 1208 Reynolda Rd. (in front of the actual Coffee Park store) is a silver airstream that is, in fact, a coffee shop. Coffee Park Airstream had pick-up and take-out mastered before COVID-19 made it a requirement. To get coffee from this eccentric, sticker-covered shop, simply drive into the parking lot and order at the window like you would any other drive-through place. After picking up any one of its coffee options, head on over to the Graylyn Estate to walk around and enjoy an all-natural view.

4. Dough-Joe’s: The Doughnut and Coffee Spot

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to enjoy Dough-Joe’s while I was at Wake Forest. Despite the fact that it started in 2017 with a food truck, the owners – Eric Disch and Anna Margaret Roth – didn’t open the official store until September 2019 after I’d graduated. Absolutely criminal, I know. However, the times that I’ve enjoyed Dough-Joe’s have been magical. Now, I make sure to visit every time I’m in town. Located in Reynolda Village, the Dough-Joe’s menu is overflowing with yummy options – every single thing is worth a try. In particular, I love the cinnamon sugar or the earl gray glaze doughnut and the iced miel (a latte with honey and cinnamon). Order something to pick up and then have a wander around Reynolda Village. If you’re up for a longer stroll, head out to the Reynolda Gardens and trails, doughnut and coffee in hand!

The List of Coffee Shops in Winston-Salem Could Go On and On

While there are certainly other coffee shops in Winston-Salem, these four are my very favorites. Whether you’re in Winston-Salem for a day or a weekend, I recommend doing your best to try out every single one! You may get a caffeine buzz, but you can surely tamper it down with doughnuts, biscuits and pastries!

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