2 New Crafty Hobbies Which Can Make Great Holiday Gifts

2 New Crafty Hobbies Which Can Make Great Holiday Gifts

Want to pick up some new crafty hobbies this year? Here are a few crafting hobbies to try as the weather gets colder. Plus, you can use your new skills to make some great gifts this holiday season.

1. Punch Needling: a Beginner-Friendly Craft with Quick Results

Punch needling is a technique where you use a special needle to push yarn through fabric to create different designs. The results are very similar to rug hooking, but the work goes much faster.

Punching allows even the beginner to make impressive-looking pieces rather quickly. It’s also a forgiving craft. I’ve pulled out and re-punched many parts of designs when a shape or chosen color is not quite right, and when it’s finished you can’t tell it’s been reworked.”

Linda Preston, beginner punch needle artist

Punch needling does require some specialized equipment. To start, you’ll need a punch needle that matches the size of yarn or thread that you want to use (anything from embroidery floss to colorful bulky wool). You’ll also need woven fabric and a hoop or frame to hold the fabric taut.

crafty hobbies punch needling image
A Christmas project in progress.
Image courtesy of Linda Preston.

Thankfully, North Carolina’s local stores can sell you whatever you need. You can buy all your materials separately, or you can purchase complete punch-needle kits to get started. Sassy Jacks Stitchery in Weaverville, NC, has a particularly good selection of materials.

Punch needle allows cherished family memories to become lasting keepsakes.
Image courtesy of Linda Preston.

2. Quilling and Paper Arts: the Perfect Crafty Hobbies for Detail-Oriented Makers

Quilling is a craft that can make your work look professional quickly. Paper quilling uses super-thin, long strips of colored paper. You use a quilling tool (basically just a pen with a slot in the tip to hold the paper) to make the paper into a tight spiral, and then shape the spirals and arrange them into a larger design.

Quilling is easy to learn, and you don’t have to buy anything expensive. Plus, North Carolina is home to a massive quilling superstore — you can get everything you need from a local company. Or, if you prefer, you can make your own DIY quilling tool and play around with the paper you already have at home.

You can use paper quilling techniques to make wall decorations, greeting cards or even earrings. If you love the look of quilling but don’t fancy making anything yourself, there are a lot of great NC artists that sell their products on platforms like Etsy.

A warning: quilling and other paper-based crafty hobbies can leave your house looking a bit like this…
Image courtesy of Matheus Frade on Unsplash.

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