Horseback Riding: Safe for COVID-19 and Winter in NC

Horseback Riding: Safe for COVID-19 and Winter in NC

You don’t have to be an avid news watcher to know that COVID-19 is hanging around. With temperatures dropping and the winter months ahead, I’m sure you’re wondering how you’re going to maintain your sanity when getting your daily dose of Vitamin D isn’t as feasible. Well, I have the perfect solution for you – horseback riding in NC!

I’m a bit biased. I have ridden horses since I was five years old. But, objectively, horseback riding is a COVID-safe activity that will allow you to get moving and get outside even in the dead of winter.

Horseback Riding in NC: Safe in Both COVID-19 and Winter

I ride at a barn in Greensboro called High Caliber Stables. I spoke with owner and trainer Mary Orr about why horseback riding is a COVID-safe activity.

She stated, “Riding horses is as safe as you can be with COVID, because of limited contact with other people! You are absolutely capable of staying six feet apart at all times. Other than physically getting on the horse, which is limited contact, a horse’s distance is more than enough to keep you safe and healthy.”

Lauren Blue, a High Caliber riding instructor, created a graphic on how to remain safe when you arrive at the barn.

horseback riding COVID-19 nc
Image courtesy of Lauren Blue from High Caliber Stables.

Every moment that you aren’t sitting on the back of a horse, you absolutely must have your mask on and maintain at least six feet of distance between yourself and others. High Caliber Stables requires that you check in and record your temperature, to help the organization in contact tracing should there be any health-related issues. The best thing about High Caliber Stables is that it sits on a huge property. Orr stated, “We are blessed to have a huge barn that allows for distance and airflow even when we have lessons inside.”

Whether you’re riding inside or outside, you can find ample room to get moving safely!

Horses and Exercise: Go-To Stress Relievers

If it weren’t for horseback riding, I surely would not have stayed sane throughout quarantine. Riding horses is not only a great way to exercise, but it is also a known stress reliever.

One look into horses’ big eyes, and one good hug around their necks, and your worries melt — at least for a minute or two! As the holidays approach, gift your loved ones a riding lesson. I’m sure they will appreciate a reason to get out of the house and enjoy (in my opinion) the best animals in the world. All you need to do is bundle up — Long Johns recommended for warmth — mask up and head over to the barn.

Image courtesy of High Caliber Stables.

Check Out High Caliber Stables

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or completely new to horses, feel free to reach out to Christine Thomas, High Caliber Barn Manager, at (336) 908-6841, or email Mary Orr at [email protected]

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