Charlotte Football Club “Minted” in the Queen City for 2022

Charlotte Football Club “Minted” in the Queen City for 2022

Charlotte’s MLS expansion club “minted” its official name on Wednesday, bringing months of speculation to an end: Charlotte Football Club.

Charlotte Football Club will wear colors similar to those of the Carolina Panthers: blue, black, silver and white. The team’s crest is a blue circle with a white crown in the middle. A black circle surrounds the blue one and has three phrases: Charlotte Football Club, 2022, and “minted.” The first two were unsurprising to many. Charlotte Football Club is the club’s name, and 2022 will be the club’s first season. The word “minted,” on the other hand, was unique. Ordinarily, sports teams use “founded,” “established,” or even “born.” But the club went a different—and more meaningful—direction.

charlotte football club logo
Image Courtesy of Charlotte FC Twitter

The term “minted” is undoubtedly a reference to Charlotte’s financial history. And, while most people connect Charlotte and the banking industry today, the club’s decision to be “minted”—rather than “founded” or “established”—has roots dating back to the early 19th century.

Charlotte FC is newly minted.

A Little History

In the 1830s, North Carolinians were active in the gold rush, but turning gold into currency was another story. “All you could do was send your gold up to Philadelphia because that was the only mint,” Charlotte Coin Club collector Jerry Sajbel told Lisa Worf of WFAE 90.7. But sending your gold to Philly came with risks, so a private mint, The Bechtler Mint, opened.

The private mint filled the void temporarily, but, on March 3, 1835, that changed. On that date, then President Andrew Jackson signed into a law a bill that created three U.S. mints. Charlotte was fortunate enough to be one of those three. 

Now, almost 200 years later, Charlotte is fortunate again—this time to land one of the coveted few remaining MLS expansion spots. Hopefully that good fortune continues on the pitch for Charlotte Football Club come 2022.

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