The Best Food Trucks Near Raleigh And How to Find Them

The Best Food Trucks Near Raleigh And How to Find Them

Food trucks have taken off in the last decade. Each truck has its own style of cuisine, design, and location. For people looking for a fun way to try something new, there are many food trucks to catch near Raleigh.

Here’s your guide on how to find the trucks to satisfy your cravings.

Image courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo via Pexels.

Where Do I Look?

A simple resource to find which trucks are in your area is to check on social media. Some trucks may have their own websites, but a large part of on-the-go restaurant promotions happen through social media.

If you’re already out and about check out some of the brewing companies that often times have a truck parked outside. Big Boss Brewing Co., Bull City Ciderworks, Jordan Lake Brewing Company and Raleigh Brewing Company typically have a truck posted outside of their brewery. Additionally, the food trucks continue to stay mobile near Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

Not having luck finding the truck for you on social or at a regular location? Try Street Food Finder! You put in your location, and the site pinpoint how far away trucks are. Moreover, it has a calendar that lists what trucks will be around today, tomorrow and next week. This is where you can also find out if the truck offers the ordering ahead feature.

Image courtesy of Walking Crab via Facebook.

Street Food Finder is available on Google Play and the App Store. This makes finding food trucks easier when you’re on the go. The app features a vendor list of all the trucks registered with Street Food Finder along with their phone numbers, menus, social media handles and more. Additionally, the list of vendors is continuously growing.

How do I Choose?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when looking for a food truck in the NC area is “What am I hungry for?” With the amount of food trucks in the area the world is your oyster when it comes to choices. Much like the oysters you can grab at the RJs Fish, Wings &Things or Walking Crab food trucks.

Breakfast on the Menu

Image via Wake the Truck Up’s Facebook.

Did you just wake up and need a quick breakfast before heading off to work or school? Check out La Farm Bakery’s food truck. With breads, pastries, sweet treats, sandwiches and more there’s bound to be something to satisfy your morning hunger.

Perhaps you’re feeling a breakfast sandwich. In that case, check out Brown Bag Bagels for bagels and bagel sandwiches. Really in a hurry? Order ahead and grab your bagel on the way to work or class.

Not feeling a sandwich this morning? Don’t sweat it – Wake the Truck Up has you covered. Their southern style breakfast bowls and biscuits expand you options of breakfast on wheels.

Something Hardier

Image via Big Make’s BBQ’s Facebook.

Looking for some NC barbeque on the go? Check out Big Mike’s BBQ. Starters, sides, desserts and of course BBQ can be found at this eatery on wheels.

Nanna O’s is another barbecue truck to locate. With farm to table BBQ and water to plate seafood options this truck is bond to satisfy your southern food cravings.

Did somebody say “Tacos?” Catch Mr. Puebla’s Tacos for burritos, nachos, bowls, tacos and more.

If you’re looking for enchiladas check out HoleMole from the same owners who brought you Qspresso.

Image via Big C Waffle’s Facebook page.

Are you in the mood for some chicken? What about chicken and waffles? Check out Big C Waffles for a variety of waffle flavors to go alone with your chicken.

If your looking for a grilled cheese or burger check out Will & Pop’s food truck. Whether you’re craving the classics or a mix-up, the truck is bound to have the flavors you want.

Want something with a little kick to it? Adobo Joe features Filipino food on the go.

Looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options? Check out Arepa Culture NC! Their menu is also easily adaptable for any dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Image via Raleigh Rolls Facebook.

The Sweet Stuff

Craving something sweet? Dessert is on the menu at Cheesecake Lady’s rolling restaurant. With over a dozen cheesecake flavors you are sure to find something that satisfies your sweet tooth.  

The best way to beat the NC heat is with a cold treat. Checkout Raleigh Rolls for some Asian-inspired rolled ice cream.

These are just some of the food trucks near the Raleigh area. Be sure to pair your new findings with a glass of sweet tea. Additionally, check out all of the trucks near your area in person and on social media.

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