Where Can You Take Art Classes Near the Triangle?

Where Can You Take Art Classes Near the Triangle?

Between winter’s arrival and the need to socially distance, you might be feeling a little cooped up. Looking for something to do with all that energy? Why not indulge your creative side with some artistic education? Thankfully, you’ve got a number of options for art classes near the Triangle.

Whether you’re looking to learn to paint, make pottery, dance, or try other self-expressions, these centers are a great place to start.

Sertoma Arts Center — Raleigh

Art classes in the Triangle are back on at Sertoma.
Image courtesy of the City of Raleigh.

There’s great news for folks looking for art classes in the Triangle: the Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh has resumed its operations, albeit with a reduced COVID-friendly capacity. As a result, you’ll need a reservation for all studio use. The center is following all CDC guidelines while also increasing cleaning and sanitizing efforts.

Sertoma Arts Center can teach all ages. It offers classes and workshops in painting, dance, drawing, jewelry, photography, pottery, printmaking, and more. You can have a look at their course offerings and sign up for art classes on the Raleigh Parks & Recreation website.

artspace — Raleigh

Artspace offers a wide range of art classes for folks in the Triangle.
Image courtesy of artspace.

Located in a massive 30,000 square-foot space in downtown Raleigh, artspace offers a little something for everyone. The center holds classes in all sorts of disciplines for both adolescent and adult students.

For example, this spring they’re offering classes in oil painting, printmaking, woodcarving, and bookmaking at the adult level. They’re even offering a few outdoor classes — perfect for folks who don’t yet want to spend too much time indoors. Signups are still open on the artspace website.

Pullen Arts Center — Raleigh

Triangle art classes will resume at the newly renovated Pullen Arts Center in 2021.
Image courtesy of the City of Raleigh.

Pullen Arts Center has offered art classes to people of all skill levels since 1961. Currently, the facility is undergoing renovation. Between the improvement efforts and COVID-19, you’d think courses would be in danger. However, Pullen Arts Center is still offering limited courses through the Glen Eden Neighborhood Center for the time being. Its staff members expect to reopen in early 2021.

Durham Arts Council — Durham

Image courtesy of the Durham Arts Council.

The Durham Arts Council (DAC) is a private, nonprofit organization located in the heart of downtown Durham. In addition to exhibits and galleries, the DAC also hosts one of the most diverse selections of art classes in the Triangle.

While it has had to restrict class sizes due to COVID-19 concerns, the DAC still offers a number of courses. They’ve got classes in disciplines that range between painting, dance, digital arts, and other options. You can check out the full list of courses on their website.

The ArtsCenter — Carrboro

The ArtsCenter is a great place to take art classes in the Triangle if you live near Chapel Hill or Carrboro
Image courtesy of The ArtsCenter.

The ArtsCenter has served as a cornerstone of Carrboro’s artistic community for decades. They offer a diverse range of classes like painting, dance, and even improv to students of all ages.

Currently, they offer signups for a number of online classes in mixed media collage, watercolor and pottery-making. If you’re just looking to practice your art somewhere, the ArtsCenter also offers large, well-outfitted studio space for rental.

Taking art classes doesn’t just help you expand your world — it helps your local arts community thrive. And even if you’re not interested in arts classes for yourself, you can help out your area’s artists by gifting their classes to a loved one. Who do you know that would appreciate more self-expression?

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