North Carolina BOE Launches Absentee Ballot Tracking Via BallotTrax

North Carolina BOE Launches Absentee Ballot Tracking Via BallotTrax

The North Carolina State Board of Elections has launched an online absentee ballot tracking service which allows voters to track the status of their absentee ballot.

BallotTrax launched Friday, Sept. 11, and links are available through the State Board of Elections website. Registered voters in North Carolina may request and vote with a mail-in absentee ballot for most elections. The state does not require any special circumstance or reason to vote by mail.

BallotTrax enables voters to ensure that their absentee ballot has been received from the comfort of their homes. The Board of Elections states that officials have worked for months to ensure accessible, safe and accurate elections in 2020, despite the risks of COVID-19.

The Board of Elections also published a statement on the topic, which included 12 facts about absentee ballot security.

North Carolinians can use absentee ballot tracking software to watch their votes this year.
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What can you do with absentee ballot request portal?

  • You can securely request an absentee by-mail ballot online. You or your near relative or legal guardian may make the request. The county board of elections where you live will mail you the ballot.
  • Now you won’t have duplicate requests. The portal informs voters of existing requests, and allows them to update information on a previously submitted request.
  • If you’re military or living overseas, you can request and return your ballot through the portal.

BallotTrax also allows you to:

  • Log in and view the status of your absentee by-mail request and ballot. You can confirm they have received your request, that the ballot has been mailed to you and that they’ve received your ballot.
  • Receive notifications if your ballot is rejected for any reason, such as missing signatures or witness information.
  • Sign up to receive email, text or voice alerts for status updates.

Eligible voters can request an absentee ballot online at Absentee Ballot Request Portal. You can then mail your ballot to your county’s board of elections. In addition, you can also hand-deliver your form to that same county board of elections.

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Absentee ballot request information, under state law, is confidential and not public record until the BOE returns the ballot or until Election Day. Consequently, ballot request information won’t appear in your voter record through the Voter Search Tool, as it did in the past.

The Board of Elections has significant health safeguards in place, if you choose to cast your ballot in person on Election Day. All NC voters have three options for voting: mail-in absentee, in-person during early voting period and in-person on election day.

The absentee ballot request deadline is 5 p.m. Oct. 27. But the State Board encourages voters who wish to vote by mail to request a ballot as soon as possible.