5 Outdoor Workouts to Help You Strengthen Your Routine

5 Outdoor Workouts to Help You Strengthen Your Routine

It’s summertime and there’s a pandemic. The desire for outdoor activities is strong. But after a while, the same old routine can turn stale. However, according to personal trainer Al Bigley, owner of Fitness on Call in Monroe, NC, there are plenty of engaging outdoor workouts.  

“One of the main benefits of outdoor workouts is the space, obviously,” he said. “There is room to move, run, spread out, and most importantly, to improvise.” 

Here are five workouts Bigley suggests for some effective, outdoor exercise: 

1. Group Drill Workouts

With appropriate social distancing and safety measures in place, you can get a few friends together to work on those tried-and-true classics like jumping jacks, sprints, push-ups and squats. “And friends will keep you accountable, and sticking to a set time to exercise,” said Bigley. 

2. Outdoor Leg Work

Find some stairs or an incline for some step-ups. Place one foot firmly on an upper step, then while keeping positioned as straight as possible, step up so that both feet are on that same step — and repeat. You can also work the lower-leg calf muscles by placing one or both feet on a step edge, with the heels dangling off, then doing very controlled tip-toes, standing on the toes of the feet. “Make sure you have a grip on railings or something to keep steady and straight,” said Bigley. 

Outdoor workouts for your legs will help you stay fit.
Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

3. Playground Fun (multiple outdoor workouts)

A playground at your neighborhood park can offer a host of useful workout tools. “Use the monkey bars for pull-ups,” said Bigley. “Need help with those? Use lower overhead horizontal bars and hop up for a bit of a boost when doing those pull-ups.” He said you can work your core by using those same bars to hang, then lift your legs, with knees meeting your chest. “Any movement that involves lifting the legs works the core/abs,” he said. 

4. Arm Workouts

You can help keep your biceps and triceps nice and toned with something as simple as a park bench. Simply sit on the edge of the bench with both palms down on each side of the bench. Then slide your bottom off the bench and let yourself dip down. Then straighten your arms to move back up even with the bench. “Repeat for strong arms,” said Bigley. 

Outdoor workouts to benefit your arms are important too.
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5. Walks and Runs

Find a track or parking lot for some running and walking. “Use that measured space to walk, and if possible, add small amounts of sprints, then back to a measured walking pace,” Bigley said. “You can alternate as much as you’re comfortable with.”

Bigley said to remember that all exercise counts. “You may be able to do a lot or a little, but it all counts toward movement and health.”

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