3 Creative Indoor Hobbies for the Artistically Challenged

3 Creative Indoor Hobbies for the Artistically Challenged

Have you been looking for an artistic pursuit, a new hobby to keep you occupied when winter comes? Have you been enviously scrolling through Pinterest feeds of perfect watercolors, thinking, If only I could draw? If so, never fear. Here are three creative hobbies that even the artistically challenged can enjoy.

1. Monochrome Cross-Stitch: Perfect for Anyone Who Doesn’t Get Color Theory

You don’t need any drawing skills to follow a cross-stitch pattern. Plus, the materials are pretty cheap.

Cross stitch can look old fashioned, but modern designers are reimagining the craft with simple, monochrome designs and sassy slogans. (Our editors discourage us from swearing in print, so we’ve omitted more colorful examples. A simple Google search for “sassy cross stitch: will yield plenty of inspiration.)

Simple, monochrome cross-stitch is a perfect creative hobby for the artistically-challenged.
Image courtesy of cottonbro from Pexels.

North Carolina has many needlecraft stores that carry cross-stitch supplies. You can also support local artists by ordering kits and patterns online from places like Etsy.

2. Whittling May Be the Creative Hobby for You

If you’re not into sewing, but still like the idea of making something with your hands, try whittling. With a simple pocketknife, you can transform sticks into slingshots, spoons or intricately-carved roosters.

Image courtesy of Thom Holmes on Unsplash.

Most of the materials you need can be found around you, especially if you live in the mountains or wooded areas. Plus, even if all your whittling gives you is a slightly pointier stick than the one you started with, you’ll probably still have a good time.

3. Painting Can Be One of the Most Enjoyable Creative Hobbies, Even If You’re Bad at It

Wait, you may be thinking. I just told you I can’t draw, and color theory mystifies me. Why would you tell me to take up painting? Because you don’t have to be good at hobbies to enjoy them.

Acrylic paints are relatively inexpensive, dry quickly and come in vibrant colors. Just playing around with paint and paper (or splurging on a canvas if you’re feeling fancy) can be a relaxing, immersive experience.

Oh, I love painting! Just throw some colors up there. If you’re artistically challenged like me, jut throw some blue up there. Then throw in some rainbow colors, why not. When you add green and orange, I’m honestly not sure what color you get, but it doesn’t matter.”

Byron Harvey, 25, who cannot paint to save his life but loves it anyway

If you’re not quite ready to let go of the finished product, you can follow an online tutorial that will guide you step by step to creating your own masterpiece. Or check out paint-by-numbers kits for adults.

Throw around some colors and embrace your inner modern artist. Image courtesy of Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

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