3 Last-Minute Crafty Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

3 Last-Minute Crafty Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

The holidays are just around the corner. Since it’s still not a great idea to go out shopping, why not make some of your gifts in-house this year? Homemade gifts are rewarding to make and receive. Here are a few crafty gift ideas that you can pull together at the last minute.

1. Homemade Jar Candles Are an Easy Crowd-Pleaser

Candle-making sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make simple candles just by pouring melted wax into a jar with a store-bought wick. Before the pouring, save your old jam jars or splurge on a fancy-looking container from a thrift store.

crafty gift ideas homemade candles
Homemade candles in old jam jars.
Image courtesy of Jen Preston.

We recommend getting started with a candle-making kit so you have all the basic equipment. That way, you can make future candles for less money by restocking the wax and wicks as you run out.

Looking for candle-making supplies? Durham-based Candle Science has a great selection of supplies you’ll need to make candles and soap. And as a humanitarian plus, their staff is committed to paying their employees a living wage.

2. Fabric Storage Buckets Are a Perfect Crafty Gift Idea

If you like to craft, chances are that you have tons of random things everywhere. After all, if you make things as a hobby, it’s hard to get rid of your supplies! Fabric storage buckets aren’t a solution to this problem, per se, but they can make your mess look a lot neater. And they make crafty gift ideas for anyone interested in limiting clutter.

Go with a classic, plain canvas fabric, or pick something fun and colorful.
Image courtesy of ika dam on Unsplash.

Fabric storage buckets are easy to make, especially if you have access to a sewing machine. And for your inspiration, you can find tons of free patterns online. If you already do a bit of sewing, chances are your stash already has all the materials you need. If not, you can find tons of lovely options at local fabric stores.

3. Needle Felted Ornaments Can Be Simple Spheres or Cute Creatures

Finally, handmade ornaments are the perfect addition to any Christmas tree. Ornaments can be made in any number of ways, but needle felting is a particularly satisfying approach. With needle felting, you use a specialized, barbed metal needle to sculpt colored wool into different shapes. You can keep it simple and decorate a sphere with stripes or colored dots. Or you can imagine a little and create your own animals.

You can find needle felting kits at local craft stores throughout North Carolina.

crafty gift ideas needle felting penguin
My somewhat-sophisticated woolly penguin, created with needle felting.
Image courtesy of Jessica Preston.

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